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What is this blog about?
As the title of my blog tells you "simple joys", I find happiness in the little things. I believe there is always something to be happy about even in the simplest things. I find it in any food or drink, film I've watched or a special place I visited. 

I like to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences in this travel and personal blog.

Who am I? 
I'm not your ordinary girl. If you know me, you'd find that I don't have the usual interests of a girl like doing make-up or shopping for clothes. I prefer to look as natural as I can most of the time. For clothes, as long as I have a shirt and a pair of jeans I'm good to go.

I am a proud Filipino (from the Philippines) though my face don't have the features of a Filipina. Most people think that I am a Korean. Atleast, I look Asian!

I'd like to think that there are many things in this country that we can be proud of. It's people, food and the different places here too. Lord willing, I'd like to roam the entire country.
I like to try different things. Mind you, I'm not into sports. You can ask me anything except this question: "What's your favorite sport Jaymie?". I fear the subject Physical Education back in school. Though I didn't fail the subject then, I think life is too short not to try new things (snorkeling, diving, surfing, etc.).

I hope that my readers will be inspired to do the same. There are things you have to try at least once in your life. It's never too late to face your fears! Remember this, nobody can tell you, you can't! I mean of course, you should know your limits too.

Am I into photography?
I love taking photos of anything. It can be people, places or things. I make sure to have a camera in any place or event that I go to - most especially when I go on trips. I believe that photos make the memories extra special because it's something you go back to when things already happened. All photos posted here captured and courtesy of yours truly.

Aside from the things I mentioned, my interests also include the following: Electronics, Song Recording, Travel, Financial Management, Christianity

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