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Dreams Can Come True

I am not in competition with anyone. I only compete with myself so I can get better. I'd like to improve each time. I say this to myself.

I'd like to inspire people in what I do. Did you know I'm not a popular kid in school? I did not have the highest grades while in school. I just have passing grades then.

I nearly failed one of my subjects in high school though I study hard. You know how it is. Studying in one of the top exclusive all-girls school here in Philippines can be tough. Yet I graduated without repeating a year or any subjects. Maybe I'm just determined to study and blessed to be able to graduate in my school.

I tell you, you can be who you dream to be. You may not be the smartest person in class but what you strive for your future should tell you where you will be.

I used to work in sales real estate as my first job. This was like 8 years ago. My manager asked the team to present in front of everyone our personal goals and dreams (materially). My teammates shared they like to buy their own car, house, etc.

You know me, I'm the least materialistic person because I wouldn't dream of buying anything grand just for myself.  So I presented my goals just how I wanted it to be. To my boss' surprise, he said "ayan na yun Jaymie?" (is that all Jaymie?) I said yes. He had to call for me because he said he needed to speak with me one-on-one. I wouldn't forget how he told me I need to set BIG dreams so I can work for it and be something in the future.

I didn’t understand it back then. I even felt the need to retaliate to what he just told me but I rather be silent about it.
Until one moment, I heard in a radio a statement saying "Nasusukat ang tagumpay ng isang tao sa kung ano ang pangarap na meron sya" (Your success is measured in what dreams you have)

These words occurred to me like a bullet straight to the heart. So do I have big dreams? Materially speaking, still no. But career wise, why not? Having to run the online shop in a year now is steady. This year, I began my own Events Planning and Coordination business.

As people always say, when you start something new, you go through "the struggle". Nobody makes it in a snap and be the biggest thing out there.

I struggle every once in a while and ask myself these questions: "Is this worth it?", "Am I doing the right thing?", "Do I see this as a job I will be doing 5 years down the road?", "Can I actually make it when I'm just newbie?"

Then, I convince myself that this should be all worth it. My biggest life decisions lead me to where I am now. No regrets. The challenges I faced then, even heartaches, every step lead me here.

I would also want to help people along this journey too. The people who I know they have potential. The people who share the same passion. I'm glad that so many people would want to help me and I'm able to share to them.

Lord, I pray you bless me :)

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