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An Overnight Vacation in Subic Freeport Zone

Before I say something here, I just realized that I have been using the wrong URL in posting photos here in the blog. I apologize for the wrong info but it was just for proper tagging those who might steal my photos here. A lot of photos are mine and I personally took it. A credit to the blog is or should be to my credit ofcourse.

This is a late post since this travel happened December of last year where the family spent one night and two days in Subic Freeport Zone. Going around Subic won't be complete without visiting the outlet and surplus shops there. It is where my dad would never get tired looking for items to buy - some shoes, shirts or bags. He loves to shop more than anyone else in the family. It's so funny he would shop more than my mom, you know.

Anyway, so we also visited and went to buy important items from Duty free. It is a must from visiting this side of Subic. Imported items can be found here just in time for celebrating Christmas and New Year. It is a place to buy wines, drinks, chocolates and special gifts for your loved ones if you happen to be here.

The whole family stayed in Court Meridian. It sits right in-front of the bay and Gerry's grill. It was a fairly new hotel. You can tell because of its' modern design. Free flowing of brewed coffee and juice too at the lobby for guests.

Over the balcony of our room was the first photo see in this post. It was a view of the bay morning of the following day. Such a lovely view isn't it?

We spent our family dinner in Magic Lagoon along the Freeport highway because while we were in Harbor Point mall, we found restaurants to be congested already. We needed a place where we could relax a little and maybe have a peaceful dinner. This place was perfect! 

Cozy, nice and quiet. Filipino dishes to order from this restaurant by the way.

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