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Good Food and Ambiance in Patio Vera, Marikina

Chicharon Sisig in Patio Vera, Marikina
Who doesn't enjoy eating sisig? This special Chicharon sisig, in Patio Vera for me, is best of its kind.

If you're in for some good food and different ambiance, then this place we visited for simple Anniversary and Birthday dinner could be perfect for you. This restaurant has long been an old house. Everything in it were preserved from tables and chairs to the decorations.

It gives you that feeling of going to a restaurant outside the metro. You can find this in Calumpang, Marikina. Parking is a little hassle because when the place gets crowded you will need to avail of the valet services. You will need help to park your car elsewhere so you won't have to park along the driveway.

Variety of food is found in this place. Cuisine from Spanish and Filipino. It passed above average for my appreciation of delicious food. Pricing for each person could cost PHP 400-500.

This place is just practical for special celebrations or occasion in the family or with friends.

Lobby Entrance of Patio Vera

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