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One Place Can Either Make or Break You

Have you been in a place and have good memories there? That, for me is a place that can make you.

Travelling is not all about sharing good memories. We all know that. When bad things happened somewhere, we can associate that place by saying "it's not a good place". When really, we just didn't feel good with being there anymore.

When we travel, we remember the things that happened while we're there. Were they good or bad? Then we think about going back after sometime.

I've had my share of good experiences in the different places I have been (so far). Even in the simplest places, I find there will always be good things in there. For me it's also in the way we see things or how we would like to think things. One place can be awful when we condition our minds to see it like that. While if we open our minds to good things, we see good things too. 

If you have been reading my entries here, you would notice that I often tell you almost all about the good stuff. I can tell you bad things happened too but I tend to dwell on the good things instead. No matter how big or small they seemed. 

I tell you, I have learned to love a place but have real bad memories in there. The place I won't mention here. The people, food, weather, so many places to love in there. I realized no one person can be spared from bad experiences because they are part of life. 

The reason I tell you that places can either make or break you. I think you will always have reasons to feel good at one place (or thing for that matter). Some memories may be bad but it should not be everything. It shouldn't be a reason to dislike a place or think that it was a bad idea. It was just a "venue" where the bad thing happened to you. It wasn't the reason why it did (unless ofcourse it was life and death). 

The bad experience cannot be undone. But to move forward, we need to face new things and be ready to build good memories in there.

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