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4x4 Ride at Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte

Adventures in Ilocos wouldn't be complete without riding this 4x4 visiting Paoay Sand Dunes. Our trip last October 2013 was truly memorable when I took this challenge with my siblings. We are like a group of friends or "barkada" doing these things and enjoying adventures.

Being the eldest and trying to be brave, yet very curious how to overcome this I convinced them but I took the front seat! (laughs) My siblings standing at the back just like what you can see in these photos.

It's almost late in the afternoon when we arrived Paoay the reason for dark lighting. If you plan to visit this place too I wouldn't recommend getting there during this time because it is not the best for taking photos. It would be best when there is enough sun but careful of the harmful sunlight.

I'm not a fan of heights and I wasn't even screaming the entire ride. I am left speechless the whole time. You can just imagine my reaction! I didn't expect the ride would go so fast and there were bumps going up and down the hills. I was so scared that I told the driver to go a little slow because I'm so worried any of my siblings might let go during the ride. Being the eldest in the family, you should understand how I worry like that.

The ride was supposed to last for an hour. In the middle, you can opt to go sand skiing and take photo shoots. Because it was already getting too dark we decided to back earlier. The ride was reduced to 30 minutes so I told the driver. 

You can assume I was worried the entire time but I did enjoy. Not to mention my grip was too tight taking the front seat. (laughs) I'm not too adventurous you know. I just like to know what I can conquer and you already know that I don't want giving in to my fears. I like to face them but the nervousness in me stays. (laughs)

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