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Wall Climbing at Power Up Centro Atletico, Quezon City

I've always wanted to do something different on my birthday. So why not go wall climbing for the first time?

My office friends joined me as some of them also did this for the first time. This happened November 2012 in Power Up Centro Atletico in Cubao, Quezon City.

We signed for waivers as we did this just like any out-of-the-ordinary activities I've tried. You know that signing waivers isn't so new to me. Then we proceed to orientation, preparation and equip the gears.

Climbing seemed easy at first but wait until you reach near the top and your upper body starts to get tired. You don't get to rest while in the middle of your climb while your foot sideways. This made me nervous but I was determined to be successful.

Back then, I don't have sports activities yet reason why it takes so much for me to do these things. I easily get tired having no cardio exercises until I joined the gym and the love for it began.

Belaying is a different story. It happens when someone is climbing and you are the safety support. It's critical to know how this works. In case something happens to the climber and she accidentally slips, belaying does the job. The climber won't fall off. The harness locks and holds the climber where she is. If she decides to go down, a signal will the given until dragged down to the ground.

I enjoyed climbing more than belaying. Just the same, we had to do both. Not at the same time ofcourse. 

For me, this sport takes a lot of upper body strength and foot flexibility. If this isn't a problem for you, there is no reason not to try this.

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