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Sub-1 10k Challenge in BGC to Makati

I joined several races after I ran  6.6K at Run For FAN in UP Academic Oval. If you have read my blog entry on that you would know that it was my first time to join a race. As a first time runner, I finished 6.6K.

From hardwork, patience, effort and a lot of sweat, literally, you will be surprised to know that I enjoyed running. The feeling after you finish the race is indescribable! I joined many races until the Pinoy Fitness Sub-1 10K Challenge. It happened March 30, 2014. I ran together with all of my siblings. 10k race is no joke my friends. The reason why I'm so proud that we finished it at a practical time.

The goal of this race was to finish 10K in an hour or less. Guess what? I didn't finish within an hour! (clap clap!) You know why? Because some unfortunate thing happened to me. Just don't ask me what it is!

Sub-1 wasn't what I was aiming for anyway. (Oh really?) We joined the fun wave so no pressure on us.  The race had an exciting track route. I was surprised though while running. One time we're still in BGC until I realize we're already crossing Makati passing the flyover bridge. We almost reached Mapua in Buendia. To finish, we had to go all the way back to where we started.

It was one exciting race. I was lucky to have my photos taken by the official photographers there! And yeah, we received finisher shirts at the end of the race as freebies.

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