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Overnight stay in Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Park, Pampanga

The family had an overnight stay in this place last June 2014. One villa for all of us that includes the parking space.

Summer coming to the end when we decided to go swimming. Atleast, we did not go there during the "crowded season". This is during March until May of every year.

First day we went swimming at the Waterpark. Like a kid, I enjoyed swimming by the wave pool. Also, we spent a lot of time at the kiddie pool area where we enjoyed the pale water splash.

There were giant slides. The crew takes on queue and assist your way to the slides. I recommend that you try this.

After the waterpark, we walked our way to the Hot springs. It took us around less than 10 minutes to get there.

Oh yeah, we found big jacuzzi pools! This was a good way to enjoy the pool while having a good massage.

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