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Holy Thursday at the Divine Mercy Shrine, Marilao Bulacan

This year the family went to Divine Mercy Shrine in celebration of the Holy Week. It has been a tradition to go to different churches to do our Stations of the Cross.

Filipinos known to be Roman Catholics observe the Holy week as the time to repent for their sins, ask for God's forgiveness or just pray to help them of life's problems. I have witnessed this as it was our first time in this church.

People lined up for the different grotto, statues of saints and do pilgrims. They have kept in line even under the strong sunlight. Entering the shrine, people were taking photos while some were praying and kneeling facing the altar.

How I can not notice the shrine that's been filled with fresh flowers? It was so pleasant to look at.

At the back of the church, we started doing the Stations of the cross. The fourteen stations will take you to walk the entire church grounds.

It is so important to have water and umbrella to keep you protected from too much heat. We finished at 1:30 in the afternoon. I could say we received the sunlight at it's peak during our visit. I wouldn't recommend that you do the same if you can be there earlier. This is if you also wish to visit the shrine during the Holy week.

The life size statues of Jesus were worth the visit even under the scorching heat.

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