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Day Tour at White Rock Waterpark Subic, Zambales

It was a scorching hot Sunday morning when we visited White Rock in Subic. This beach hotel is located in Matain Subic, Zambales. I have been to Subic several times already but this is actually my first time to experience the beach on this side of Zambales.

We stayed only for a few hours enjoying the waters since we couldn't stand the burning sun. I wasn't able to check the temperature at that time. I can say it's close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

For those who do not enjoy the beach, they can try the big pools instead. When we entered the resort, there was this huge wave pool. It was just few meters away from the guest entrance. Every time the big waves would arrive, a funny song would be playing in the radio. I would end up smiling while observing people enjoying the waves. Some are on top of life buoys (salbabida). Others are splashing and playing against the waves. I nearly laughed looking at one adult trying to stop the waves by himself which is impossible to happen.

In my long walks, I was able to find the beach by the farthest side of the resort. As guests, we were given free minutes to ride the kayaks. Only at this side we can take the free rides. Some guests took the jetskii for themselves. I was surprised to see that a lot of other activities are here too - zipline, banana boat, aqua slide, etc.

Before I forget, by the middle part of the shore was the Sand Bar. Guests may take few drinks and shakes there.

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