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An Overnight Stay at La Luz Beach Resort, Batangas

La Luz Beach Resort sits in San Juan, Laiya Batangas. This area has been where most people stay for a beach getaway nearest Manila. I stayed for an overnight during the last week of April together with my friends.

I know a lot of people who were able to visit La Luz. I also learned that the shore wasn't made of sand. It was made of pebbles - white ones. It appears to be clear sand from the photos. Look closely though, as I said they were pebbles. I would suggest not removing your slippers walking through the shore, even while 

Food was served to us buffet style at all meals. This includes lunch upon arrival, snacks, dinner and breakfast the following day.

I was stunned when it was time for dinner. Why? Because the resort that was busy and light during the day, turned "romantic" at night.

My ultimate favorite would be the cabanas. Those were the nipa huts where you can just relax. Inside each cabana, hanging fans can be found which guests can use. We stayed in one and enjoyed for hours.

By the beach, bonfire was ready. Some guests were able to enjoy it as well. 

The following day, we went climbing by the right side of the shore. There was this huge amount of rock it can look like a mountain. 


Considering the cost for an overnight stay at this resort, I can say this is reasonable enough for a vacation just few hours from Manila. By the way, the rooms do not include television sets. It would be perfect for those guests who would like to avoid "media" at some extent. :))

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